Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona Champions League BEST comeback! All Goals & Highlights - Fans reaction!

Објављено 8 мај 2019
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Liverpool pulled one of the best Champions League comebacks in football history
Being 3-0 down on the first leg, there was little hope for the merseyside.
But Liverpool managed to win the game 4-0 and clinching a spot in the Final
Awaiting Ajax or Tottenham.
The game started off with Origi goal in the 7th minute.
Then Barcelona failed to score their chances.
Suarez injured Robertson.
Henderson was substituted for wijnaldum at the break.
Wijnaldum scores 2 in less than 3 minutes to make it 3-3 on agg
To clinch the win, arnold outsmarted Barcelona defense with a trick corner towards origi feet to win the semi final for Liverpool.
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      I've already do it😄😇

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      Ilove Barcelona 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😎:-)^_^

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    I feel emotional and stunned even after a couple of views. It is like watching a page of Liverpool history in real time. I can't imagine how fans at Anfield felt. Thanks for posting, worth a place in a memory book.

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    Thanks heaps for posting. I watched several other highlights videos taken from the telecast. However they swapped camera often so it was hard to tell what was happening. This amateur effort is a lot better.

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    Best video

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    "Alè alè aleee" is 80s song "L'estate sta finendo" by Righeira, italian group

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    มีคนไทยด้วย ผมได้ยินเฮ้ยๆ

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    Maybe support the team instead of filming the whole thing



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    5:40 is the 4:0

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    Как же там ахуено

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    Mau tanya seberapa greget kalo liat Barca menderita,dulu Chelsea,Roma,Liverpool skrg... 😁 #goadecul

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    BV !!

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    avec aytekin il serai passer facilement!😁😁😁😁

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    Liverpul 🇦🇿👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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    Bastards gay England mothers fuckhers

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    انا عربي من اليمن اعشق ليفربول حتى الجنون
    الف مبروك لجماهير الريدز

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    Tottenham Champion ⚽ ⚽⚽

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    Tottenham Champions League Champion ⚽⚽⚽ ✌️✌️✌️😀😀😀

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    Amazing #wow

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    If you win first leg....then this anfield.....what a game....

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    Wow was that a TOUCHDOWN?? #wow

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    i want to watch it live also..

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    Is there someone who is Barca fan, or I am only one?

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    Tot n liv up😉

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    #wow nice match I like when u do videos like this.

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    What a team. What a great comeback. 👍

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    Didn’t know you were a Reds fan bro 🥰 Unbelievable plays by LVP ❤️ #wow

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    #wow wedgie! Way to go 😂 what a epic game ⚽️

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    Lol not a ros vid but still great video
    Sorry im l8

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    Lol #wow

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    The best thing all Muslims say after this great winning for our lovely team is "Alah Akbar". Egypt supports Liverpool all the way to the top.

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      Yes thats right im egyptian all of egypt and arabic zone love liverpoor for me l love england.